I Keto, you Keto..we Keto Keto is the next best thing, a heavily Google'd term and many new products labelled under Keto. What is it ?

Well for one it's the number one diet at the moment (dont diet..change your live style). The new products on the market aim at the specific s of the high fat diet. So typically these bars cookies and snacks have a high fat content and ideally these hold good fats.

The body goes into ketosis when it is depleted of carbohydrates. Many health benefits have come forth in research related to ketosis and ketones. Ketones are released as an alternative fuel for your body when there are no carbs around. And here comes the great part, this is done by utilizing the fat storage in your body.

One can get in a ketosis state by strongly reducing carbohydrates intake...or by simply not eating.

The latter is not a bad idea and popping out of the standard 3 meals a day format...ones in your life might be interesting for your body where it will not have to spend energy digesting food.

Ketosis is real and can be measured with various devices on the market via your breath or urine.

Try skipping breakfast ones, late lunch and no food after diner. See if it works for you.

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